Orbital - The Pentaverate (soundtrack) (2xLP, Gold Metallic & Black Smoke)


2xLP, Gold Metallic & Black Smoke

Invada – LKS36388 - 780163638820

Soundtrack to the Netflix TV show

A1 Professor Clark Arrives
A2 The Box - Theme
A3 Ken And Reilly At C.A.C.A.
A4 Patty
A5 Drug Cart Ride
A6 Pent TV - Ident 1
A7 Introducing Mentor
A8 Concludiato
A9 Approaching Niagara
A10 Initiato
A11 Donet Makes Your Brown Eyes Blue
A12 The Musk
A13 The Maester
A14 Pool Table Stand Off
A15 Ken Enters The Pentaverate
A16 Let’s Make Some Waves
B1 The Demetrius Protocols
B2 I’m A Free Man!
B3 Skip Arrives
B4 Pent TV - News Bed
B5 Accusations
B6 The Spare Key
B7 The Red Robes
B8 Pent TV - Ident 2
B9 Ken’s Turning Point
B10 The Box - Sting Horn
B11 Hall Of Mirrors
C1 The Box 3
C2 Ken On Trial
C3 Bruce Takes Control
C4 Patty To The Rescue!
C5 War Council
C6 I'm Sorry
C7 Bruce’s Plan
C8 Enter Mentor
C9 Mentor Reboot
C10 Murder Montage
D1 Pent TV - Ident 3
D2 I’m Just A Local News Guy
D3 Reilly All Along
D4 Lakeside Conversation
D5 Get The Canadian!
D6 The People Are Too Stupid
D7 Charge Of The Liechtenstein Guard
D8 Don’t Move Or The Sheila Gets It!
D9 The World Has Changed
D10 Pent TV - Orange Alert
D11 The Box - Ken Into Kentor
D12 Kentor Start Up
D13 The Box - The Septaverate

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