Negative Approach - Nothing Will Stand In Our Way (LP)



Taang! Records - TAANG210 - 722975021018

First Known Recording 1981
A1: Pressure
A2: Ring Ring Ring
A3: Fashionable Idiots
A4: You Don't Know
First Gig - Bookie's - Detroit 9/30/81
A5: Fashionable Idiots
A6: Chaos
A7: No Doubt About It
A8: Pressure
A9: I Don't Want It
A10: Sick Of Talk
A11: Lost Cause
A12: Negative Approach
Clubhouse Demo - Detroit 1981
A13: Ready To Fight
A14: Pressure
A15: Fashionable Idiots
A16: Sick Of Talk
A17: Negative Approach
A18: D.A.B.F.
A19: Genocide
A20: No Doubt About It
A21: Lost Cause
A22: Ready To Fight (Second Take)
A23: Pressure (Second Take)
Mudd Club - NYC 8/01/82
B1: Can't Tell No One
B2: Friend Or Foe
B3: Live Your Life
B4: Pressure
B5: Fair Warning
B6: Sick Of Talk
B7: Whatever I Do
B8: Chaos
B9: Said And Done
B10: Ready To Fight
B11: Lost Cause
B12: Why Be Something That You're Not
B13: Genocide
B14: Nothing
B15: Never Surrender
B16: Negative Approach
First E.P. Outtakes 1982
B17: D.A.B.F.
B18: Chaos
Freezer Theater - Detroit 6/18/82
B19: Can't Tell No One
B20: Whatever I Do
B21: Ready To Fight
B22: Live Your Life
B23: Said And Done
B24: Chaos
B25: Fair Warning
B26: Sick Of Talk
B27: Why Be Something That You're Not
B28: Nothing
B29: Lost Cause
B30: Negative Approach

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