Napalm Death - Scum (LP)



Earache - MOSH003FDRUS - 0817195020245

A1 :Multinational Corporations
A2: Instinct Of Survival
A3: The Kill
A4: Scum
A5: Caught....In A Dream
A6: Polluted Minds
A7: Sacrificed
A8: Siege Of Power
A9: Control
A10: Born On Your Knees
A11: Human Garbage
A12: You Suffer
B1: Life?
B2: Prison Without Walls
B3: Point Of No Return
B4: Negative Approach
B5: Success?
B6: Deceiver
B7: C.S.
B8: Parasites
B9: Pseudo Youth
B10: Divine Death
B11: As The Machine Rolls On
B12: Common Enemy
B13: Moral Crusade
B14: Stigmatized
B15: M.A.D.
B16: Dragnet

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