Mount Kimbie & Dom Maker & Kai Campos - MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning (2xLP, clear vinyl)


2xLP, clear vinyl

Warp Records - WARPLP319I - 801061116217

A1: dvd (feat Choker)
A2: in your eyes (feat Slowthai & Danny Brown)
A3: f1 racer (feat Kučka)
A4: heat on, lips on
A5: end of the road (feat Reggie)
A6: somehow she’s still here (feat James Blake)
B1: kissing (feat Slowthai)
B2: say that (feat Nomi)
B3: need u tonight
B4: if and when (feat Wiki)
B5: tender hearts meet the sky (feat Keiyaa)
B6: a deities encore (feat Liv.e)
C1: Q
C2: Quartz
C3: Transit Map (Flattened)
C4: Satellite 7
C5: Satellite 9
C6: Satellite 6 (Corrupted)
D1: Zone 3 (City Limits)
D2: Zone 2 (Last Connection)
D3: Zone 1 (24 Hours)
D4: Industry
D5: Human Voices

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