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LP, white vinyl

Invada - LSINV263LP - 5051083169707

A1: Wanna Hear A Story?
A2: Met This White Bitch
A3: Vibing
A4: Exchange Numbers
A5: Next Day
A6: Let’s Go
A7: Tampa
A8: Florida
A9: Friday
A10: Full Nude
A11: Pasties & Boy Shorts
A12: What Y’all Make
A13: Wanna Trap
A14: Mind Blown
A15: A Mess
A16: Thousands
A17: Leave A Message
A18: Do It Right
A19: 500
B1: Dudes
B2: That Was It
B3: Here We Go
B4: WTF Again
B5: Lost In The Sauce
B6: Lost In The Game
B8: First Client Calls
B9: Handgun
B10: Trusting u
B11: Goes Left
B12: Incall
B13: I Was Out
B14: Mannn
B15: Take Off
B16: Movie Shit
B17: Almost Over
B18: Florida Murder

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