Matthew Herbert - The Horse (LP, Clear Vinyl)


LP, Clear Vinyl

Modern Recordings - 4050538888713

1. The Horse's Bones Are In A Cave
2. The Horse's Hair And Skin Are Stretched
3. The Horse's Bones And Flutes
4. The Horse's Pelvis Is A Lyre (feat. Jali Bakari)
5. The Horse Is Prepared
6. The Horse Is Quiet
7. The Horse Is Submerged (feat. Evan Parker)
8. The Horse Is Put To Work
9. The Rider (Not The Horse) 08:57
10. The Truck That Follows The Horses
11. The Horse's Winnings
12. The Horse Has A Voice (feat. Theon Cross) 05:53
13. The Horse Remembers
14. The Horse Is Close
15. The Horse Is Here (feat. Danilo Pérez)

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