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LP, clear with white, black & peach coloured vinyl

Thrill Jockey - THRILL539LPX - 0790377539110

Manslaughter 777 is the new collaboration of drummer/percussionist Lee Buford (The Body) and drummer Zac Jones (Braveyoung/MSC). For their debut as a duo, Buford and Jones blend bracing and imaginative takes on rhythmic-centric forms from dub, breakbeats, hip hop and beyond for a phantasmagoria of bristling drumscapes. Recorded and mixed by Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets, the album's mélange of live and sampled beats fizzle, splat and rupture with an edge.

No Man Curse
Jump and Spread
I Can Not Tell You How I Feel
What Is Joke To You Is Dead To Me

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