Manic Street Preachers - Know Your Enemy (2xLP, deluxe edition)



Sony - 19439988681 - 194399886816

A1: The Year of Purification
A2: Ocean Spray
A3: So Why So Sad (Avalanches Sean Penn Mix)
A4: Door to the River
A5: Rosebud
B1: Just a Kid
B2: His Last Painting
B3: Let Robeson Sing
B4: Groundhog Days
B5: Epicentre
C1: Intravenous Agnostic
C2: Found That Soul (TLA Mix)
C3: We Are All Bourgeois Now
C4: Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My Children
C5: The Convalescent
C6: Baby Elian
D1: Masses Against the Classes
D2: My Guernica
D3: Studies in Paralysis
D4: Dead Martyrs
D5: Wattsville Blues
D6: Miss Europa Disco Dancer

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