Manic Street Preachers - Forever Delayed: The Greatest Hits 2xLP (180g)


2xLP, 180g

Epic - MOVLP221

A1: A Design For Life
A2: Motorcycle Emptiness
A3: If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
A4: La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh)
B1: There By The Grace Of God
B2: You Love Us
B3: Australia
B4: You Stole The Sun From My Heart
B5: Kevin Carter
B6: Tsunami
C1: The Masses Against The Classes
C2: From Despair To Where
C3: Door To The River
C4: Everything Must Go
C5: Faster
D1: Little Baby Nothing
D2: Suicide Is Painless (Theme From Mash)
D3: So Why So Sad
D4: The Everlasting
D5: Motown Junk

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