Makaya McCraven - Universal Beings (2xLP)



International Anthem Recording Company - IARC0022 - 603784912066

New York Side
A1: A Queen's Intro
A2: Holy Lands
A3: Young Genius
A4: Black Lion
A5: Tall Tales
A6: Mantra
Chicago Side
B1: Pharaoh's Intro
B2: Atlantic Black
B3: Inner Flight
B4: Wise Man, Wiser Woman
B5: Prosperity's Fear
London Side
C1: Flipped Out
C2: Voila
C3: Suite Haus
C4: The Newbies Lift Off
C5: The Royal Outro
Los Angeles Side
D1: The Count Off
D2: Butterss's
D3: Turtle Tricks
D4: The Fifth Monk
D5: Brighter Days Beginni

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