Makaya McCraven - Deciphering the Message (LP)



Blue Note - 3814473 - 00602438144730

A1: A Slice of the Tap (AKA Sliced Off the Top)
A2: Sunset (AKA Son Set)
A3: When Your Lover Has Gone (AKA When You've Left Your Lover)
A4: Ecaroh (AKA Revlis)
A5: Tranquility (AKA Corner of the World)
A6: Wail Bait (AKA Wait Bail)
A7: Coppin' the Haven (AKA At the Haven Coppin')
B1: Frank's Tune (AKA De-Jeff's Tune)
B2: Autumn in New York (AKA Spring in Chicago)
B3: Monaco (AKA Monte Negro)
B4: Mr: Jin (AKA Mr: Gin)
B5: C.F.D: (AKA D.F.C.)
B6: Black Rhythm Happening

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