LUMP - Animal (LP, turquoise and white swirl vinyl)

£16.99 £21.99

LP, Limited edition turquoise and white swirl vinyl

Chrysalis/Partisan - BRVC5 - 5060516095735

LUMP is a collaboration between Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay of Tunng, and will release their new album, “Animal”, on the 30th July via Chrysalis/Partisan Records. It is preceded by a new single of the same title, and is the pair’s first new music since the release of the acclaimed eponymous debut album in 2018.

1. Bloom At Night
2. Gamma Ray
3. Animal
4. Climb Every Wall
5. Red Snakes
6. Paradise
7. Hair On The Pillow
8. We Cannot Resist
9. Oberon
10. Phantom Limb

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