L'Orange - The World Is Still Chaos, But I Feel Better (LP 'Gold Flower' vinyl)

£18.99 £20.99

LP, LP 'Gold Flower' vinyl (clear with gold splodge)

Mello Music Group - MMG001671 - 843563140703

A1: OK Not Perfect
A2: Durbin Was A Trap House
A3: Johann
A4: I Don't See You
A5: 54 Spaceships
A6: Coffee
A7: I Miss My Friend Scraps
A8: Talk To Friendly Walls
A9: What Am I Gonna Do
A10: Small Towns
A11: Delonte Needed Help
B1: Che's Theme
B2: Someone You Can See
B3: I Am Different
B4: Lori Saved Me
B5: Enjoy Your Little Philosophy
B6: The Sun It Hurts
B7: Spin Art
B8: Dreaming
B9: 5HTP
B10: The Difference Between Dust & Powder
B11: I Feel Better

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