L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae - The Night Took Us In Like Family (LP, metallic siver vinyl)


LP, metallic siver vinyl

Mello Music Group - MMG00067BIE - 196925235273

A1: Part One: Introducing A Conspicuous Man
A2: Do My Best To Carry On
A3: Ice Obsidian
A4: Underworld
A5: All I Need
A6: Part Two: God Complex
A7: The Concrete Some Call Home
A8: Ignore The Man To Your Right
A9: Taken By The Night
B1: Part Three: The Damning
B2: The Lineup
B3: Kicking Glass
B4: Kind Of Like Life
B5: Part Four: Revenge & Escape
B6: I Was Invisible Nothing
B7: Death Valley
B8: Starry Eyed Balcony Walkers
B9: Part Five: Macabre

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