Loden Feat. Busdriver & K-The-I - Self-Aware Wolf/Radio 7" Single



A. Self-aware Wolf.

B. Radio.

To commemorate the release of his new album Buggy, Loden lures us further into his personal after-future with the exclusive Self-Aware Wolf/Radio seven-inch. This inspired offering tests his digital crunch against the distinct timbre of two fearless rappers. "Self-Aware Wolf" features left-field champion Busdriver placing a caustic, humorous vocal atop Loden s bubbly example of digital pop. "Radio" sees K-The-I??? showcasing his booming delivery and striking command of language over one of Loden s most blistering beats to date. Fans of the red-hot LA beat scene will find these songs rich in modern-man dystopia and pixel pulverization.



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