Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (LP, red & yellow vinyl)


LP, red & yellow vinyl

Age 101 Music - AGE101002LP

A1: Introvert
A2: Woman
A3: Two Worlds Apart
A4: I Love You, I Hate You
B1: Little Q, Part 1 (Interlude)
B2: Little Q, Part 2
B3: Gems (Interlude)
B4: Speed
B5: Standing Ovation
C1: I See You
C2: The Rapper That Came To Tea (Interlude)
C3: Rollin Stone
C4: Protect My Energy
C5: Never Make Promises (Interlude)
D1: Point And Kill
D2: Fear No Man
D3: The Garden (Interlude)
D4: How Did You Get Here
D5: Miss Understood

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