Lionel Limiñana & David Menke - The Ballad of Linda L/The Devil Inside Me (2xLP)



Because - BEC5610510 - 5056556105107

A1: Prologue
A2: Deep
A3: Doin' It
A4: The Ballad Of Linda L.
A5: 80's Score Pt. A
A6: 80's Score Pt. B
B1: Friends On Fire
B2: Desolation
B3: Romance
B4: Punky Disco
B5: Linda’s Lament
B6: Get up to fight
C1: Them
C2: Waiting For You
C3: Losing Control
C4: A Shot Of Whiskey
C5: Strange Girl
C6: Meeting Morrison
C7: Back To Amanda
C8: Oh Lord
D1: Love Around Us
D2: Illusion Song
D3: USA Motorbike
D4: Surfing
D5: The Devil Inside Me
D6: Savages
D7: West Coast
D8: Suicide Solution

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