SALE: Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (LP, recycled colour vinyl) was £21.99

£14.99 £21.99

LP, recycled colour vinyl

Mute – XSTUMM225 - 5400863066338

A1 Brocken Witch
A2 Steam Rose From The Lifeless Cloak
A3 There's Always Room On The Broom
A4 If Your A Wizard Then Why Do You Wear Glasses ?
A5 We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own
B1 They Don't Want Your Corn - They Want Your Kids
B2 Read The Book That Wrote Itself
B3 Hold Hands And It Will Happen Anyway
B4 They Took 14 For The Rest Of Our Lives
B5 Flow My Tears The Spider Said


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