SALE: Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things 4 Volume Two OST (2xLP, transparent red/clear vinyl) was £26.99

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2xLP, transparent red/clear vinyl

Lakeshore Records - LSINV293LP - 5051083184571

A1: A Proper Thump
A2: Hiiiiiiiii
A3: Still Dizzy
A4: Reign Fire From Above
A5: Religious American
A6: Surf That Tasty Pie
A7: Follow Me Into Death
A8: Project Nina
A9: Being Different
A10: Undressing
B1: I Want You To Watch
B2: A Realm Unspoiled By Mankind
B3: Four Gates
B4: Sleeping Dracula
B5: Praying Something Will Happen To Me
B6: Stained Glass Roses
B7: One
B8: Gates Of Kamchatka
B9: Top Secret Location
C1: You're The Heart
C2: Sleepyhead
C3: Skull Rock
C4: Spellcaster
C5: You Should Go East
C6: Unfortunate Development
C7: Slashing The Tires
C8: Soteria
C9: Elvis Cloned By Aliens
C10: (Delicate, Intense Music Playing...)
D1: Demogorgons In Tanks
D2: The Cure
D3: Patient Confidentiality
D4: Stay Calm, Focus On The Game
D5: It's Time Max
D6: All Evil Must Have A Home
D7: Flashlights, Flashlights
D8: You Have Already Lost

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