SALE: Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things 4 Volume One OST (2xLP, blue/clear vinyl) was £26.99

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2xLP, blue/clear vinyl

Lakeshore Records - LSINV292LP - 5051083184540

A1: What's The Internet?
A2: I Wouldn't Remember Me Either.
A3: Teens
A4: Journalistic Intent
A5: 100% Convinced
A6: In The Closet (At Rink O Mania)
A7: Does That Make Us Friends?
A8: My Boobs Hurt.
A9: Unambiguous True Love
A10: Stuck in 1983
B1: Hawkins National Lab
B2: Hellfire Club
B3: Buried Memories
B4: Fancy Bomb
B5: We Are Not Heroes
B6: Nine Feet Tall
B7: Hail Lord Vecna
B8: Powerful Psychic Connection
B9: Ruth, Nevada
B10: Hellfire Isn't A Cult
B11: I Know What I Saw
B12: Curfew
C1: You're Regressing Eleven
C2: Letter To Willy
C3: Palm Tree Delight
C4: Musso
C5: Brenner's Little Pet
C6: Mr. Fibbly
C7: It's Just A Clock, Right?
C8: Welcome To Kamchatka
C9: A Nightmare Far Worse
D1: Caught A Body At The Munsen Trailer
D2: A War Is Coming To Hawkins
D3: The Elephant
D4: Hurting Towards A Gruesome Death
D5: Barefoot In The Snow
D6: Kills You In Your Dreams
D7: The Shire Is Burning
D8: Blood Balloons
D9: Burning Baby
D10: Mugshot
D11: There Are Some Things Worse Than Ghosts...
D12: A Memory Within A Memory


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