Kutmah - Trobbbb! 2xLP

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Big Dada - BD280 - 5544029118346

A1: T.R.O.B.B.B! Theme (Curtain Opens)
A2: Strangetown
A3: Lifted
A4: Shut Shit Down!
A5: Brown Porsche 928
A6: Change Things
A7: Teezuk Humra
A8: Arrival
B1: Hackney
B2: E2 7RW
B3: Stalker
B4: Black Myth (feat. Jeremiah Jae & Zeroh as Holy Smoke) **
B5: BN1 8DH
B6: SwampThing (feat. Zackey Force Funk)
B7: On The Run
B8: Follow The Light
B9: ShadowDancer
B10: Guidance Counselor
B11: Cooler Of Evidence (feat. N8NOFACE)
C1: Blackwave (feat. Zeroh) **
C2: Scorch 4 The Phoenix (feat. Ta’Raach & DJ Chris P Cuts)
C3: Thoughts Under The Full Moon (feat. Akello G Light)
C4: Accounted For, Then To (feat. Jonwayne) **
C5: L.A. Memories (feat. Sach)
C6: Interlude **
D1: Herbal Tea Sessions (feat. Akello G Light)
D2: Healing
D3: Dunes
D4: Enta Omri
D5: Love Found **
D6: Bury Me By The River (feat. Gonjasufi)

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