Kommodus ‎– Of Carnage And Conquest (CD)



1st Demo "Will To Dominate All Life"
1 Chant Of Thy Ancestors Lupine
2 Wolves Of Rome
3 The Dreaming God
4 Schlacht Im Teutoburger Wald
5 Spiritual Sickness And The Suffering Soul
6 War
7 In The Banquet Hall Of The Mighty Wulfīnaz King
2nd Demo "One Thousand Years Of The Wolf"
8 In The Catacombs Where Rats Reign
9 Conquering The Carpathians
10 Twilight Forest Apparition
11 Beyond Hadrian's Wall
12 Purging Thy Hibernian Blood
13 The Rite Of Darkness
14 Iron Dawn: A New Crusade Rides Out

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