Kishi Bashi - Music From The Song Film: Omoiyari (2xLP, blue vinyl)


2xLP, blue vinyl

Joyful Noise Recordings - JNR461LPC1 - 602309898632

The Songs
A1: Intro At The Piano
A2: Red, White, And Blue
A3: Improvisation At Heart Mountain
A4: Summer Of '42 (Orchestral Edition)
A5: Improvisation In The Root Cellar
A6: 伊賀上野城 (Iga Ueno Castle)
A7: Improvisation At Jerome, AR
A8: Theme For Jerome (Orchestral Edition)
B1: 涙そうそう (Nada Sou Sou)
B2: 上を向いて歩こう (Ue O Muite Arukou)
B3: A Safe Place For Animals
B4: Manchester (Acoustic Edition)
B5: Removal
B6: Violin Tsunami For The Victims Of Tacoma Detention
B7: Epilogue From Improvisations On EO9066
B8: For Every Voice That Never Sang
The Score
C1: War
C2: Removal
C3: Arrival At Heart Mountain
C4: Coldest Of The Camps
C5: Know Your Enemy: Japan
C6: Improvisation For The Tokyo Firebombing
D1: Intro To 1853 0:14
D2: 1853: Commodore Perry And His Black Ships
D3: Bach's Double Violin Concerto In The Key Of Gypsy Swing
D4: Keiko Ishibashi
D5: My Name Is Kishi Bashi
D6: Proud American
D7: The 442nd - Go For Broke
D8: Chicago Meditation
D9: A New Life
D10: The Pilgrimage
D11: Omoiyari And The Model Minority Myth

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