John Carpenter - Escape From New York OST (2xLP, transparent blue vinyl)


2xLP, transparent blue vinyl

Silva Screen - SILLP1493B - 738572144067

A1: Main Title
A2: The Bank Robbery
A3: "Prison Introduction"
A4: Over The Wall / Airforce One
A5: He's Still Alive / Romero
A6: "'Snake' Plissken"
B1: Orientation
B2: "Tell Him"
B3: Engulfed Cathedral
B4: Across The Roof
B5: Descent Into New York
B6: Back To The Pod - Version #1
B7: Everyone's Coming To New York
C1: "Don't Go Down There!"
C2: Back To The Pod - Version #2 / The Crazies Come Out
C3: "I Heard You Were Dead!"
C4: Arrival At The Library
C5: "You Are The Duke Of New York"
C6: The Duke Arrives / Barricade
C7: President At The Train
C8: "Who Are You?"
C9: Police Action
C10: Romero And The President
D1: The President Is Gone
D2: 69th Street Bridge
D3: Over The Wall
D4: "The Name Is Plissken"
D5: Snake Shake

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