Heresy - Face Up To It! Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition (2xLP)



Boss Tuneage - BTRSV041 - 689492184117

A1: Consume
A2: Face Up To It!
A3: Belief
A4: Flowers In Concrete
A5: Too Close To Home
A6: Network Of Friends
A7: When Unity Becomes Solidarity
A8: Acceptance
A9: Cornered Rat
B1: Dedication From Inspiration
B2: Against The Grain
B3: Sick Of Stupidity
B4: Trapped In A Scene
B5: Believing A Lie
B6: Into The Grey
B7: Built Up - Knock Down
B8: The Street Enters The House
B9: Make The Connection
C1: Never Healed
C2: Open Up
C3: Stand Proud
C4: Too Soon To Judge
C5: A Sense Of Freedom
C6: Conform
C7: Standing Hard
C8: The Way Forward
CD-1: Consume
CD-2: Face Up To It!
CD-3: Belief
CD-4: Flowers In Concrete
CD-5: Too Close To Home
CD-6: Network Of Friends
CD-7: When Unity Becomes Solidarity
CD-8: Acceptance
CD-9: Cornered Rat
CD-10: Dedication From Inspiration
CD-11: Against The Grain
CD-12: Sick Of Stupidity
CD-13: Trapped In A Scene
CD-14: Believing A Lie
CD-15: Into the Grey
CD-16: Build Up - Knock Down
CD-17: The Street Enters The House
CD-18: Make The Connection
CD-19: Never Healed
CD-20: Open Up
CD-21: Stand Proud
CD-22: Too Soon To Judge
CD-23: Conform
CD-25: Standing Hard
CD-26: The Way Forward

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