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LP, transparent red vinyl


A1 Dive
A2 I Am Them
A3 Henkivallat
A4 The Great Spiral
B1 Beyond North Star
B2 Lovi
B3 Nouse
B4 The Chalice of Life and Death

Guitarist Jesse J. Heikkinen (The Abbey, Iterum Nata) and vocalist King Aleijster de Satan (King Satan, Saturnian Mist) have teamed up for a mind-bending progressive black metal project, HENGET. Drawing inspiration from the world of occult and the ways of ancient Shamanism, 'Beyond North Star' depicts a violent hallucinatory journey to the depths of the mind and beyond with psychedelic and syncretistic outlook. RIYLs: Imperial Triumphant, Oranssi Pazuzu, Dodheimsgård, Blut Aus Nord, Enslaved.

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