Helloween - Starlight: The Noise Records Collection (7xLP boxset, various colour vinyl)

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7xLP boxset, various colour vinyl

Noise - NOISEBOX073 - 4050538382211

Helloween (Red Vinyl)
A1: Starlight
A2: Murderer
A3: Warrior
B1: Victim Of Fate
B2: Cry For Freedom
Judas (Yellow Vinyl)
A1: Judas
B1: Ride The Sky (Live)
B2: Guardians (Live)
Walls Of Jericho (Orange Vinyl)
A1: Walls Of Jericho
A2: Ride The Sky
A3: Reptile
A4: Guardians
A5: Phantoms Of Death
B1: Metal Invaders
B2: Gorgar
B3: Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
B4: How Many Tears
Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part I (Purple Vinyl)
A1: Initiation
A2: I'm Alive
A3: A Little Time
A4: Twilight Of The Gods
A5: A Tale That Wasn't Right
B1: Future World
B2: Halloween
B3: Follow The Sign
Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part II (Silver Vinyl)
A1: Invitation
A2: Eagle Fly Free
A3: You Always Walk Alone
A4: Rise And Fall
A5: Dr. Stein
A6: We Got The Right
B1: March Of Time
B2: I Want Out
B3: Keeper Of The Seven Keys
The Best - The Rest - The Rare (Blue & Green Vinyls)
A1: I Want Out
A2: Dr. Stein (Remix)
A3: Future World
A4: Judas
A5: Walls Of Jericho
A6: Ride The Sky
B1: Livin' Ain't No Crime
B2: Save Us
B3: Victim Of Fate (Re Recorded Version)
B4: Savage
B5: Don't Run For Cover
C1: Halloween (Radio Edit)
C2: Starlight (Re Recorded Version)
C3: Oernst Of Life (From Death Metal)
C4: Metal Invaders (From Death Metal)
C5: Surprise Track
D1: Keeper Of The Seventh Keys (Remix)

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