Hellbastard - Heading For Internal Darkness (LP, red vinyl)


LP, red vinyl

Back On Black - BOBV869LP - 803341576117

A1: We Had Evidence
A2: Civilised?
A3: Nazis Killed
A4: Death Camp
A5: Massacre
B1: Heading For Internal Darkness
B2: Pylons
B3: Afrikaan Beggar
B4: Rise Of Crust
C1: Into The Crypts Of Rays (Rehearsal 1988)
C2: Return To The Ev (Rehearsal 1988)
C3: Aggressor (Rehearsal 1988)
D1: Aggressor (Live Brixton, London 1988)
D2: Die By The Sword (Rehearsal 1988)
D3: Die By The Sword (Live Birmingham 1988)

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