Green Day - Dookie (6xLP, 30th anniversary boxset, coloured vinyl)


6xLP, 30th anniversary boxset, coloured vinyl

Reprise Records - 0093624862758 - 093624862758

A1: Burnout
A2: Having A Blast
A3: Chump
A4: Longview
A5: Welcome To Paradise
A6: Pulling Teeth
A7: Basket Case
B1: She
B2: Sassafras Roots
B3: When I Come Around
B4: Coming Clean
B5: Emenius Sleepus
B6: In The End
B7: F.O.D.
B8: All By Myself
4-Track Demos
C1: Burnout
C2: Chump
C3: Pulling Teeth
C4: Basket Case
C5: She
C6: Sassafras Roots
C7: When I Come Around
C8: In The End
C9: F.O.D.
C10: When It's Time
Cassette Demos
D1: When I Come Around
D2: Basket Case
D3: Longview
D4: Burnout
D5: Haushinka
D6: J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)
D7: Having A Blast
E1: Christie Rd.
E2: 409 In Your Coffee Maker
E3: J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)
E4: On The Wagon
E5: Tired Of Waiting For You
E6: Walking The Dog (Demo)
Woodstock 1994
G1: Welcome To Paradise
G2: One Of My Lies
G3: Chump
G4: Longview
G5: Basket Case
H1: When I Come Around
H2: Burnout
H3: F.O.D.
H4: Paper Lanterns
H5: Shit Show
Live At Garatge Club Barcelona - Spain June 5 1994
I1: Welcome To Paradise
I2: One Of My Lies
I3: Chump
I4: Longview
I5: Burnout
J1: Only Of You
J2: When I Come Around
J3: 2000 Light Years Away
J4: Going To Pasalacqua
J5: Knowledge
K1: Basket Case
K2: Paper Lanterns
K3: Dominated Love Slave
K4: F.O.D.
L1: Road To Acceptance
L2: Christie Road
L3: Disappearing Boy

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