Graham Reynolds - A Scanner Darkly OST (LP)



Lakeshore Records ‎- Frost002 - 809236100232

A1: 7 Years From Now
A2: Aphids
A3: Swallowed Up In Victory
A4: Strawberry Pie
A5: The Dark World Where I Dwell
A6: Sex, Beer, And Pills
A7: A Farm Near The Mountains
A8: Bug-Bite Squared
A9: Pose As A Nark
A10: Do You Like Cats?
A11: A Scanner Darkly
A12: Abrasocaine
B1: Part Of The Plan
B2: Are You Expereriencing Any Difficultiess?
B3: Your Move, Peterbilt
B4: Room 203
B5: Escorted To The Bright Lights
B6: You'll See The Way You Saw Before
B7: A New Path
B8: Little Blue Flowers
B9: Darkly Mix
B10: Call Sign / Aleph

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