Fruit Bats - Sometimes a Cloud Is Just a Cloud: Slow Growers, Sleeper Hits, and Lost Songs (2001-2021) (2xLP, pink and violet swirl vinyl)

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2xLP, pink and violet swirl vinyl

Merge Records - MRG773 - 673855077307

A1: Rips Me Up
A2: The Bottom of It
A3: Cazadera
A4: Humbug Mountain Song
A5: Absolute Loser
A6: The Rock Doc
B1: You're Too Weird
B2: Flamingo
B3: Born in the '70s (Live in Portland)
B4: When U Love Somebody (Live at Spacebomb)
B5: Glass in Your Feet
C1: Without Any Airs
C2: Barely Living Room (Demo)
C3: Baby Bluebird (Waltz Demo)
C4: Hot Dogs
C6: When the Stars Are Out
C7: Aces
D1: The Joker
D2: Feather Bed (Demo)
D3: Goodnight Sun & Hello Moon
D4: Rainbow Sign (4-Track Demo)
D5: The Old Black Hole (4-Track Demo)

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