Frente Cumbiero - Meets Mad Professor



In 2009, Colombia’s Frente Cumbiero met legendary dub producer Mad Professor for a collaborative three-day recording session in which Mad Professor’s son, Joe Ariwa, and key participants of Bogota’s music scene also took part. Out of those improvisational sessions came three collective compositions. Together with another four tracks by Frente Cumbiero, these seven recordings were then remixed by Mad Professor in his London Ariwa studio. 


A1. Chucusteady
A2. Bestiales 77
A3. Ariwacumbé
A4. La Bocachico
B1. Gaita Del Profesor Loco
B2. Cumbietiope
B3. Analógica
C1. ChucuSteady (Dub)
C2. Bestiales 77 (Dub)
C3. Ariwacumbé (Dub)
C4. La Bocachico (Dub)
D1. Cumbietiope (Dub)
D2. Analógica (Dub)
D3. Ariwacumbé Shaunvox (Dub)

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