Forever Still - Tied Down (CD + DVD)



Nuclear Blast ‎– 27361 38460 - 727361384609

CD-1 Scars
CD-2 Once Upon A Nightmare
CD-3 Miss Madness
CD-4 Awake The Fire
CD-5 Breathe In
CD-6 Save Me
CD-7 Your Light
CD-8 Alone
CD-9 Break The Glass
CD-10 Tied Down
Bonus Tracks
CD-11 Scars (Accoustic Version)
CD-12 Save Me (Accoustic Version)
CD-13 Miss Madness (Accoustic Version)
Bonus DVD
DVD-1 Miss Madness (Music Video)
DVD-2 Scars (Music Video)
DVD-3 Awake The Fire (Music Video)
DVD-4 Break The Glass (Music Video)
DVD-5 Once Upon A Nightmare (Lyric Video)
DVD-6 Miss Madness (Lyric Video)
DVD-7 Scars (Lyric Video)

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