Flying Lotus - Flamagra Instrumentals (2xLP + Slipmat)


2xLP, + Custom turntable powered psychedelic zoetrope slipmat and labels

Warp - WARPLP291I - 0801061106515 

A1: Heroes
A2: Post Requisite
A3: Heroes in a Half Shell
A4: More (Instrumental)
A5: Capillaries
A6: Burning Down the House (Instrumental)
A7: Spontaneous (Instrumental)
B1: Takashi
B2: Pilgrim Side Eye
B3: All Spies
B4: Yellow Belly (Instrumental)
B5: Black Balloons Reprise (Instrumental)
C1: Fire Is Coming (Instrumental)
C2: Inside Your Home
C3: Actually Virtual (Instrumental)
C4: Andromeda
C5: Remind U
C6: Say Something
C7: Debbie Is Depressed
C8: Find Your Own Way Home
D1: The Climb (Instrumental)
D2: Pygmy
D3: 9 Carrots (Instrumental)
D4: FF4
D5: Land of Honey (Instrumental)
D6: Thank U Malcolm
D7: Hot Oct.

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