Field Music - Music For Drifters (Silver Vinyl)


LP, Silver Vinyl & Silver Foil-Blocked Sleeve

Seemingly identical to the RSD15 version

Memphis Industries - MI0357LP

A1: Introduction
A2: Village
A3: Engine
A4: Out Of The Harbour
A5: Headland
A6: The Log-Line Tells The Miles
A7: Casting Out Part 1
A8: While Down Below
A9: Casting Out Parts 2 & 3
A10: Night-Time
A11: Destroyers Of The Deep
A12: Dawn Breaks
B1: Wake Up
B2: Hauling
B3: The Storm Gathers
B4: Full Speed
B5: Batten Down
B6: The Ship Rides Through / Quayside Part 1
B7: Quayside Part 2
B8: Ends Of The Earth

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