Fàshiön - Fàshiön Music (2xP)



Easy Action - EARS159LP - 5060446073346

A1: Steady Eddie Steady
A2: Killing Time
A3: Citinite
A4: Wastelife
A5: Silver Blades
B1: Silver Blades A Deeper Cut
B2: Sodium Pentathol Negative
B3: (The) Innocent
B4: Red, Green & Gold
B5: Fiction Factory
C1: Do It In The Dark
C2: Steady Eddie Steady (1980)
C3: Emotional Blackmail
C4: Bad Move
C5: Let Go
D1: I Don’t Take Drugs, I Don’t Tell Lies
D2: We’re The Fashion
D3: Small People
D4: Bike Boys
D5: The Naff All Tango
D6: Killing Time

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