The Fall - Bend Sinister/The Domesday Pay-Off Triad-Plus (2xLP, Gatefold)


2xLP Gatefold

Beggars Banquet - BBQ2153LP - 0607618215316

A1. R.O.D.
A2. Dktr. Faustus
A3. Shoulder Pads 1#
A4. Mr. Pharmacist
A5. Gross Chapel – British Grenadiers
B1. U.S. 80’s – 90’s
B2. Terry Waite Sez
B3. Bournemouth Runner
B4. Riddler!
B5. Shoulder Pads 2#
C1. Living Too Late (From the Living Too Late single)
C2. Hot Aftershave Bop (From the Living Too Late single)
C3. Lucifer Over Lancashire (From the Mr.Pharmacist single)
C4. Auto Tech Pilot (From the Mr.Pharmacist single)
D1. Hey! Luciani (from the Hey! Luciani single)
D2. Entitled (from the Hey! Luciani single)
D3. Shoulder Pads #1b (from the Hey! Luciani single)
D4. Living Too Long (From the Living Too Late single)

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