Essential Logic - Logically Yours (5xLP boxset)


5xLP boxset

Hiss And Shake - HAS001LP - 5055869548618

A1: Quality Crayon Wax OK
A2: The Order Form
A3: Shabby Abbott
A4: World Friction
B1: Wake Up
B2: Albert
B3: Alkaline Loaf in the Area
B4: Collecting Dust
B5: Pop Corn Boy (Waddle Ya Do?)
C1: Brute Fury
C2: Horrible Party
C3: Stop Halt
C4: Wonderful Offer
C5: Martian Man
D1: Hiss and Shake
D2: Pedigree Charm
D3: Rat Allé
D4: Crystal Gazing
E1: Aerosol Burns (1978) – Debut single
E2: World Friction (1978) – Aerosol Burns B-side
E3: Eugene (1981) – Single
E4: Tame the Neighbours (1981) – Eugene B-side
E5: Music Is A Better Noise (1981) – Single
E6: Moontown (1981) – Music Is A Better Noise B-side
F1: Fanfare In the Garden (1981) – Single
F2: Stereo (1982) – Wonderful Offer single B-side
F3: Rather Than Repeat (1981) Wonderful Offer single B-side
F4: The Captain (1979) Fanfare In The Garden B-side
F5: Soul (1983) – Previously unreleased on vinyl
F6: Stay High – Previously unreleased on vinyl
G1: Essential Logic (1991) – Vinyl exclusive
G2: On The Internet (1998) – Vinyl exclusive
G3: Under The Great City (1997) – Vinyl exclusive
G4: No More Fiction (1998) – Vinyl exclusive
G5: Love Eternal (1997) – Vinyl exclusive
H1: Barbie Be Happy (1998) – Vinyl exclusive
H2: Not Me (1998) – Vinyl exclusive
H3: The Beautiful and the Damned (1997) – Vinyl exclusive
H4: Marika (1997) – Vinyl exclusive
H5: Do You Believe in Christmas? (1985) with the Krishna Kids Choir
I1: Prayer For Peace
I2: Alien Boys


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