Elliott Smith - From A Basement On The Hill 2xLP (inc DL code)



Universal - 0602547529527 - 602547529527

A1: Angel In The Snow
A2: Talking To Mary
A3: High Times
A4: New Monkey
A5: Looking Over My Shoulder
A6: Going Nowhere
B1: Riot Coming
B2: All Cleaned Out
B3: First Timer
B4: Go By
B5: Miss Misery (Early Version)
B6: Thirteen
C1: Georgia, Georgia
C2: Whatever (Folk Song In C)
C3: Big Decision
C4: Placeholder
C5: New Disaster
C6: Seen How Things Are Hard
D1: Fear City
D2: Either/Or
D3: Pretty Mary K (Other Version)
D4: Almost Over
D5: See You Later
D6: Half Right

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