Electro Hippies - Deception Of The Instigator Of Tomorrow...Collected Works 1985-1987 (2xLP)



Boss Tuneage - BTRSV039 - 689492183912

John Peel Session, Recorded 12th July 1987 (First Transmission: 20th July 1987)
A1: Sheep
A2: Starve The City (To Feed The Poor)
A3: Meltdown
A4: Escape
A5: Dead End
A6: Thought
A7: Chickens
A8: Mother
A9: Mega-Armageddon Death
Live In Birmingham: 13th July 1987
A10: Meltdown
A11: Mother
A12: Sheep
A13: Thought
A14: Dead End
A15: Vivisection Song
A16: Life
If Killing Babies Is Tight...Killing Babies For Profit Is Tighter (Second Demo: January 1987)
B1: Intro (Death In The Swamp) / Satanic Warmonger Of The Abyss
B2: Meltdown
B3: At The Edge
B4: Mother
B5: Reject
B6: Sheep
B7: Dead End
B8: Life
Rehearsal Recording For Hicky's Comp: 23rd December 1986
B9: Terroreyes
B10: Am I Punk Yet?
B11: Vivisection Song
Play Fast Or Don't (Split LP With Generic): 14th / 15th July 1986
C1: Intro (Wrath Of Michael)
C2: Acid Rain
C3: Run Ronald
C4: Wings Of Death
C5: Terroreyes
C6: Theme Toon (Frash It Out)
C7: Am I Punk Yet?
C8: The Reaper
C9: Next Time
C10: Vivisection Song
C11: Profit From Death
C12: Mega-Armageddon Death pt. 3
C13: The Horn Of Hades
Live In Manchester: 30th June 1986
C14: Unity
C15: Run Ronald
C16: Life
C17: Meltdown
Rehearsals For Split LP: 27th May 1986
D1: Untitled Instrumental
D2: Stand Proud
Killing Babies Is Tight (1st Demo): 3rd March 1986
D3: Intro
D4: Unity
D5: Run Ronald
D6: Wings Of Death
D7: Vivisection Song
D8: Say Goodbye Now
D9: Outro
Practice Recordings: 3rd June 1985
D10: Food Bowl
D11: Watford Gap
D12: Reject Detect
D13: Smile
D14: Cattle
First Ever Practice: 23rd February 1985
D15: Hide...Where?
D16: Am I Punk Yet?

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