Drowning The Light – Drinking the Sacrament of the Patron Saint (CD)



1 The Patron Saint Of Filth & Mold
2 Ashen Skies
3 Mourning For The Sanguine Goddess
4 Her Patronage But Dust
5 The Stone Of Apathy
6 The Hunt (Sustenance)
7 The Reflex Of Shadows
8 Their Will Diminished

CD limited to 200 copies.
"Drinking the Sacrament of the Patron Saint" brings together 2 releases that were recorded during the same session in the winter of 2010, originally to be a full length album, but then split in half for two releases.
The first half, "The Patron Saint of Filth & Mold" EP.
The second half being the DTL side of the split with Vampyric Blood "Drowning In The Vampyric Sacrament Of The Immortals".
Issued in standard black tray jewel case with 2 panel booklet.

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