Dripping Decay - Festering Grotesqueries (LP, purple with red and black splatter vinyl)


LP, purple with red and black splatter vinyl

Satanik Royalty Records - LPSRR015C - 634457144569

A1: Septic Sentient Slime
A2: Autocannibal Ecstasy
A3: Abundant Cadaveric Waste
A4: Gut Muncher
A5: Bay Of Blood
A6: Barf Bag
A7: Watching You Rot
B1: Cremator
B2: Dissolve Me
B3: Dripping Decay
B4: Chemical Lobotomy
B5: Sadistic Excruciator
B6: Limitless Sacrifice
B7: Oozing Into Oblivion

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