Dr Feelgood - Singles The U.A. Years+ (2xLP)



Parlophone - 0190295156770 - 190295156770

A1: Roxette
A2: She Does It Right
A3: Back In The Night
A4: Going Back Home
A5: Riot In Cell Block No. 9
A6: Sneakin' Suspicion
B1: She's A Wind Up
B2: Baby Jane
B3: Down At The Doctors
B4: Milk And Alcohol
B5: As Long As The Price Is Right
B6: Put Him Out Of Your Mind
C1: Hong Kong Money
C2: No Mo Do Yakamo
C3: Jumping From Love To Love
C4: Violent Love
C5: Waiting For Saturday Night
C6: Monkey
C7: Trying To Live My Life Without You
D1: Crazy About Girls
D2: My Way
D3: Mad Man Blues
D4: Don't Wait Up
D5: See You Later Alligator
D6: Hunting Shooting Fishing
D7: Milk And Alcohol (New Recipe)

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