DJ Soko – Domino Effect

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LP on Red Vinyl

Left Of Center - LOC001LP

01: Intro feat. Mr. Walt (Da Beatminerz), Guilty Simpson, House Shoes, & Finale (prod. by Def Dee),
02: Domino Effect (prod. by Def Dee),
03: Stand Up feat. Guilty Simpson & Hassaan Mackey (prod. by Apollo Brown),
04: Take Notes feat. Hassaan Mackey, Marvwon & Finale (prod. by Def Dee),
05: Concoction feat. Nolan The Ninja (prod. by Nolan The Ninja),
06: The Cronkite feat. Journalist 103 (The Left) (prod. by Newstalgia),
07: Shadow Boxing feat. Jae Musick (prod. by Newstalgia) ,
08: Kyle Reese feat. Guilty Simpson (prod. by Def Dee),
09: Confrontation feat. Kaimbr, Hassaan Mackey & Jae Musick (prod. by Slimkat78),
10: Built Bridges (Interlude) feat. Big Jazz (The UN), Noveliss, DJ Sicari, Journalist 103, Def Dee & Caiden (prod. by Slimkat78),
11: Sober Thoughts feat. Red Pill (of Ugly Heroes) (prod. by ATG),
12: Soko Flow feat. LAZ (Clear Soul Forces), Red Pill (Ugly Heroes) & Noveliss (Clear Soul Forces) (prod. by NAMELESS),
13: The Beast feat. Guilty Simpson (prod. by Newstalgia),
14: Land Mine feat. Rasheed Chappell (prod. by Apollo Brown),
15: Ambassador Bridge feat. Stryfe (prod. by Newstalgia).

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