Dinosaur Jr - Ear-Bleeding Country: The Best Of (2xLP, white vinyl)


2xLP, white vinyl

Cherry Red - PBREDD728 - 5013929172814

A1: Repulsion
A2: Little Fury Things
A3: In A Jar
A4: Freak Scene
A5: Budge
B1: Just Like Heaven
B2: The Wagon
B3: Thumb
B4: Whatever's Cool With Me
B5: Not You Again
C1: Out There
C2: Start Choppin
C3: Get Me
C4: Feel The Pain
D1: I Don't Think So
D2 J Mascis - Take A Run At The Sun
D3: Nothin's Goin' On
D4: I'm Insane
D5: J Mascis + The Fog - Where'd You Go

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