Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations (3xLP, deluxe edition)


3xLP, deluxe edition

Silver Lining Music - 190296143984 - 190296143984

A1: Lightning to the Nations
A2: The Prince
A3: Sucking My Love
B1: Am I Evil
B2: Sweet and Innocent
B3: It's Electric
B4: Helpless
A1: Lightning to the Nations (Lost Original Mix)
A2: The Prince (Lost Original Mix)
A3: Sucking My Love (Lost Original Mix)
D1: Am I Evil? (Lost Original Mix)
D2: Sweet and Innocent (Lost Original Mix)
E1: Shoot Out the Lights
E2: Streets of Gold
E3: Play It Loud
E4: Waited Too Long
F1: Diamond Lights
F2: We Won't Be Back
F3: I Don't Got

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