Dennis Bovell - The DuBMASTER: The Essential Anthology (2xLP)



BMG - TJDLP602 - 4050538766042

A1: Raindrops - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
A2: Za-Ion – Dennis Bovell & The 4th Street Orchestra
A3: Blood Ah Go Run – Dennis Bovell As Dennis Matumbi
A4: Choose Me – Dennis Bovell As African Stone
A5: Row, Row, Row – Dennis Bovell & The 4th St Orchestra
A6: Brain Damage - Dennis Bovell
B1: Chief Inspector - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
B2: Dub Master - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
B3: Silly Dub - Dennis Bovell
B4: Oh Mama Oh Papa - Dennis Bovell
B5: Pickin’ Up The Pieces - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
B6: Caught You In A Lie - Dennis Bovell
C1: Silly Games - Janet Kay
C2: A Little Way Different - Errol Dunkley
C3: Differentah – Julio ‘Dreadful’ Finn
C4: Get Up Stand Up - I Roy
C5: Our Tune – Marie Pierre
C6: Tom Hark - Captain Morgan & His Merry Men
D1: African Queen - Errol Campbell
D2: Africa Is Our Land - Joshua Moses
D3: Take Five - The Young Lions
D4: Hooked On You - Delroy Wilson
D5: Guide Us, Jah - Johnny Clarke
D6: Can't Go Through (With Life) (Dancehall Version) - Marie Pierre

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