Delia Derbyshire / Brian Hodgson / David Vorhaus - Electronic (LP)


LP, 180gm

Silva Screen - SILLP1539 - 738572153977

A1: Lure Of The Space Goddess
A2: Battle Theme
A3: Homeric Theme
A4: Greek Concrete
A5: Attack Of The Alien Minds
A6: Gothic Submarine
A7: Whirring Menace
A8: Souls In Space
A9: Time Capsule
A10-1: London Lemons (Theme 1)
A10-2: London Lemons (Theme 2)
A10-3: London Lemons (Theme 3)
A10-4: London Lemons (Theme 4)
A10-5: London Lemons (Theme 5)
A10-6: London Lemons (Theme 6)
A10-7: London Lemons (Theme 7)
A10-8: London Lemons (Theme 8)
A10-9: London Lemons (Theme 9)
B1: Restless Relays
B2: Planetarium
B3: Wet Asteroid
B4: Way Out
B5: Fresh Aire
B6: Delia's Theme
B7: Tentative Delia
B8: Delia's Idea
B9: Delia's Psychadelian Waltz
B10: Delia's Resolve
B11: Delia's Dream
B12: Delia's Reverie
B13: Delia's Fulfilment
B14: Build Up To...
B15: Snide Rhythms

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