Deicide - The Roadrunner Years 1990-2001 (8xLP Boxset)


8xLP Boxset

Run Out Groove - ROGV-164 - 0081227881429

Feasting The Beast EP
A1: Lunatic Of God’s Creation
A2: Sacrificial Suicide
A3: Crucifixation
A4: Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
A5: Dead By Dawn
A6: Blaspherereion
B1: Feasting The Beast (Intro)
B2: Sacrificial Suicide
B3: Day Of Darkness
B4: Oblivious To Nothing
C1: Lunatic Of God’s Creation
C2: Sacrificial Suicide
C3: Oblivious To Evil
C4: Dead By Dawn
C5: Blaspherereion
D1: Deicide
D2: Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
D3: Mephistopheles
D4: Day Of Darkness
D5: Crucifixation
E1: Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon
E2: Dead But Dreaming
E3: Repent To Die
E4: Trifixion
F1: Behead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)
F2: Holy Deception
F3: In Hell I Burn
F4: Revocate The Agitator
Once Upon The Cross
G1: Once Upon The Cross
G2: Christ Denied
G3: When Satan Rules His World
G4: Kill The Christian
G5: Trick Or Betrayed
H1: They Are The Children Of The Underworld
H2: Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
H3: To Be Dead
H4: Confessional Rape
Serpents Of The Light
I1: Serpents Of The Light
I2: Bastard Of Christ
I3: Blame It On God
I4: This Hell We’re In
I5: I Am No One
J1: Slave To The Cross
J2: Creatures Of Habit
J3: Believe The Lie
J4: The Truth Above
J5: Father Baker’s
When Satan Lives – Live At House Of Blues
K1: When Satan Rules His World
K2: Blame It On God
K3: Bastard Of Christ
K4: They Are The Children Of The Underworld
L1: Serpents Of The Light
L2: Dead But Dreaming
L3: Slave To The Cross
L4: Lunatic Of God’s Creation
M1: Oblivious To Evil
M2: Once Upon The Cross
M3: Believe The Lie
M4: Trick Or Betrayed
M5: Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
N1: Deicide
N2: Father Baker’s
N3: Dead By Dawn
N4: Sacrificial Suicide
O1: Bible Basher
O2: Forever Hate You
O3: Standing In The Flames
O4: Remnant Of A Hopeless Path
O5: The Gift That Keeps On Giving
P1: Halls Of Worship
P2: Suffer Again
P3: Worst Enemy
P4: Apocalyptic Fear
P5: Refusal Of Penance
In Torment In Hell
Q1: In Torment In Hell
Q2: Christ Don’t Care
Q3: Vengeance Will Be Mine
Q4: Imminent Doom
R1: Child Of God
R2: Let It Be Done
R3: Worry In The House Of Thieves
R4: Lurking Among Us

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