Deep Wound (J.Mascis) - s/t (LP)



Damaged Goods - DAMGOOD247LP - 615187324711

A1: I Saw It
A2: Sisters
A3: In My Room
A4: Don't Need
A5: Lou's Anxiety Song
A6: Video Prick
A7: Sick Of Fun
A8: Deep Wound
A9: Dead Babies
A10: You're False
A11: Time To Stand
A12: Pressure
B1: Training Ground
B2: Deep Wound
B3: You're False
B4: Your Head Is In Your Crotch
B5: Psyched To Die
B6: Sister
B7: Patriots
B8: Never Let You In
B9: Adult
B10: Don't Need
B11: Video Prick
B12: Let's Go To The Mall


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